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The smart way to compile engineering, building or construction tenders and agreements.

Our Key Services

By partnering with ContractWise, we provide you the platform and the tools to efficiently compile building, engineering and construction tenders and agreements in accordance with the GCC, JBCC, NEC, FIDIC, MBSA and SAFCEC forms of contract

Contracwise Icon Service Communication

Once you are a subscriber with ContractWise you have access to create building, engineering and construction tenders and agreements, by simply selecting the form of contract or subcontract and answering the questions posed to you, all to take out the painstaking process of creating a tender or contract from a conventional word document, saving you valuable time and reducing your risks.

Contracwise Icon Service Court

We limit your risks by providing you with the tools to create tenders, contracts and subcontracts based on sound contractual and legal principles, limiting the risk to the contracting Parties and also having a two-tier system in place for document drafting and approval.

Contracwise Icon Service Script

Once you partner with us, we can also create your tenders,  contracts and subcontracts to be company specific, protected from unauthorized changes, all to ensure that the company’s specific terms and conditions remain incorporated as part of the tender and contract templates.

Contracwise Icon Service Group

Access to generate tenders,  contracts and subcontracts based on the GCC, JBCC, NEC, FIDIC, MBSA, SAFCEC and even bespoke contracts, all based on good practice and sound contractual and legal principles established in South Africa.

Contracwise Icon Service Magnifying Glasses

Assistance in the reviewing of your tender, contract or subcontract if you are unsure or just need the comfort that your agreement covers you in all aspects.

Contracwise Icon Knowledge Vault

Access to our Knowledge Vault for providing standard templates , guidance notes, frequently asked questions, and recent developments in case law to our Clients.

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